juillet 14th, 2014

CKS Traductions Rebrand



Rounds of logo presentation

I wanted to explore the actual process of translation, so after a series of mind-mapping and sketching exercises I hit upon the idea of presenting the translation as the culmination of an evolution… much like a butterfly’s life.

From the beginnings of its journey as a caterpillar, then through its time in the chrysalis and finally emerging as a complete and beautiful specimen (a perfect translation).

The client had earlier remarked that she felt that a dragon would well represent her fiery nature so I developed this theme too during the first round, however she preferred the butterfly and so we proceeded with that.

After choosing the font, we spent a fair amount of time selecting colours as the client was adamant that she wanted something brighter than the original colours I presented to her.

She was still not entirely convinced, until at the eleventh hour she revealed to me that she has always loved comics. We added a bold black outline to the logo and type and one extremely happy client later, we were there!    


Have a look at the finished files:

CKS Traductions headed paper print ready PDF

CKS Traductions Business cards print ready PDF

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The finished logo: