Shortlands Farm is a caravan and camp site in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

It is situated metres from high sea cliffs inside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park; a protected area in terms of wildlife, ecology and building regulations.
As a result of the national park’s attitude toward new construction, many of the traditional farm buildings and cottages of the area have been beautifully preserved in their original states; Shortlands Farm is one such place.

The brief for the website was to capture the spirit of this incredible area by using the existing brand identity of the vintage signage, the telephone box at the entrance to the ‘bumpy lane’ that leads up to the property and lots of strong images from the surrounding area. The clients wanted a CMS driven website that they were able to update easily themselves with text, images and links.

I built the initial design as a static HTML website, which once the clients were happy with, I converted into a wordpress template.

shortlands farmshortlands farm